What We’re Doing

What We’re Doing
Posted by dwm
Our current slate of film projects includes:
Live Fast, Die Laughing – Action / Thriller (Collateral, Kill Bill). An unwitting taxi driver is dragged into the adventure of a lifetime when a beautiful
But deadly female assassin, hired to ensure a mysterious package gets from Saigon to Da Nang, jumps in his cab.
Rites & Wrongs – Comedy / Coming of Age (Little Miss Sunshine, Lady Bird). Based on Puccini’s opera buffo Gianni Schicchi but set in an Oklahoma
trailer Park, a dying man’s family will try anything to get their hands on his treasure while his young son finds family and love.
Grandma’s Game – Faith / Family (23Blast, 100 Yards). A high school baseball star’s life comes off the rails when his dad is killed in Afghanistan, but
his indefatigable Grandmother becomes his Rock and helps him get back on track.
Blood in the Ice – Action / Horror (Alien, Predator). NATO and Russian special forces engage one another in a deadly confrontation over a Ukrainian
pipeline, only to discover they both face a far deadlier enemy out of Transylvania.
Shadows of the Sea – Family Drama (Legends of the Fall). An estranged son has to face all his demons when he is forced to return home to care for
his tyrannical father, but in so doing discovers the love and bonds that lay dormant his whole life.
Sun Scream – Female Revenge / Murder Mystery (M.F.A., Revenge). Two friends from Malibu take an extended tropical vacation to hunt down the
dive instructor who date raped one of them and exact revenge.
Bring ‘em Back – Revenge / Action (Man on Fire, Taken). A former SAS First Sergeant comes out of retirement and takes on a ruthless South African
gang to bring back his kidnapped sister and niece.
Blowback – Political Thriller / Action (Enemy of the State, Clear and Present Danger). A determined journalist and a charismatic mercenary pursue
the ideals of truth and justice through the jungles of South America and the halls of Congress and in the process find in one another what they’ve
each been searching for.